Xcess4x4 differential specialist  Xcess 4x4 - differentieel specialist. Diffs overhaald + voorzien van Tab lock systeem. 

Elephant offroad equipment Land Rover specialist Elephant offroad equipment - Land Rover Specialist - bouwen van het frame en rolkooi van de auto.

Eurol olie - AESEurol olie - geleverd door AES Lemmer - Motorolie Eurol Maxsence 10W-60 speciaal voor rally toepassingen.

Allisport performance upgrade parts Allisport - Performance upgrade parts - radiator - intercooler - VNT turbo - Airfilter housing.

 LOF Clutches - Land Rover Heavy Duty clutches. After burning 2 clutches we contacted Luke from LOF and he provided us with the clutch we needed for the 200tdi powerrrrr.

 Pioneer 4x4 supplied us with custom made brake hoses. In the right color offcourse...